SIPPs, ISAs, equities, gilts, bonds, stocks and shares, instant access savings… If you are a regular saver or you have a lump sum, you need to think carefully about where you put your money.

Whether you are saving for retirement, a deposit for a house, a dream round-the-world trip or your children’s university education, you want your money to work hard for you and realise the best return on investment.

Getting the ‘best’ return for you is a delicate balancing act between what you want your money to achieve, over what timescale, coupled with your attitude to risk, plus our expertise in identifying and managing the most appropriate funds and accounts in which to invest.

Our skill is in balancing your requirements with the most appropriate investment products on the market. We will put together an investment portfolio for you that:

  • Spreads risk with an even distribution of funds across investment types, geography and industry
  • Takes into account the likely performance over the available timescale
  • Does not expose you to a level of risk with which you are uncomfortable
  • Ensures that you can access your money when you need it

Regular investment reviews
The financial market moves quickly and new investment products are launched every week. Continuous monitoring and management of your investment portfolio is, therefore, an essential part of realising your financial objectives.
Our service includes a quarterly review of your portfolio when we will provide a detailed report and discuss its performance with you. We will undertake any necessary ‘rebalancing’ of your investments to ensure that your plan is on-track and your money invested in the funds that are most appropriate to your objectives.

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The value of your investments (and the income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested.